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Web Design Like its 1998

The difference between a poorly designed website and great website can affect your bottom-line. Having a clean, well-designed, and professionally built site with strong SEO can go a long way to better supporting your business goals. Are you trying to attract new prospects & nurture your existing customer-base? You’re not alone… It’s no secret that many new prospects will often judge the integrity of your business based on design of your website. Your site should sit at the center of your digital brand kingdom. If well designed, optimized, executed, and integrated, it can be a significant source of quality lead generation, ROI, and good user experience. Many B2B & B2C companies struggle to adapt to this increasingly inner-connected digital world and it requires creating meaningful, consistent, and personalized experiences across all channels.

Below are a couple primary signs that could indicate you might need a web intervention:

Do you have a dusty old non-responsive static site that looks like it was built in 1998 by a dude living in his parents basement?

It probably was and you should likely take immediate action to remedy the situation as soon as possible or risk being another internet causality.

Was your website built using a website builder on a generic responsive template?

Contrary to popular belief, those “DIY” site builders won’t cut it these days for a business website, I mean it’s very nostalgic and all. It reminds me of the old days of Geocities sites of the 90’s where

Everyone could have their own little half acre in a generic cookie cutter world of strange planetary alignments, green assed aliens in a snowstorm and the occasional elf making inopportune appearances, showing what could be done in the days of Netscape Navigator.

Solution: Find the right professional to take your digital presence to the next level.

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